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Lisbeth Aggerbeck is a Danish visual artist, based in Copenhagen. Worked at the EU in Brussels for some years, and later on as a High School teacher in Copenhagen. Alongside her career, Lisbeth Aggerbeck practised her passion for art, taking lessons with different painters, and in recent years, she has dedicated her time to painting and studying Art History. Her works are exhibited internationally.

Lisbeth Aggerbeck’s visual awareness is a key point in her artistic practice with nature as the main inspiration. Organic forms and movements are composed into her abstract works, and with many layers of paint, the paintings express intensity, poetry and mystery. Various techniques are applied on canvas and paper by the use of acrylics, oils and other media.



To me, painting is composing and interpreting reality by means of the conscious and the subconscious. The creative process of my abstract works involves a spontaneous phase where I paint free structures and then transform chaos into a balanced whole. I aim to create a piece of art that invites the viewer to ‘take a walk’ in all of the elements. My choice of colours are influenced by nature, but I also explore other tones of the palette to bring out bright and transparent aspects.

The concept of my artwork is to relate to the beauty of the natural world that today implies an environment of transformation and possible breakdown.