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Lisa Gehres is a Germany based contemporary artist. She began drawing and painting from a very early age and developed her skills with different artists in Russia, North-Africa, France, Austria and Germany.

The artists early artworks were influenced by cubism’s and impressionistic sceneries. Affected by her cultural journey across all continents and after graduating from the private art college of Michael Tschernjaveski she continued to develop her style. At the same time, she also became inspired in New Media and later graduated from the University of Vienna in multimedia communication.

She later ascertained a great deal of experience in imaging and multimedia, all of which have paved the path for her recent artistic endeavor. The creative skills and knowledge that she has gained from her past experience are quiet integral to her aesthetic process.

The development, diversity and emotional depth of human personality are reflected in her paintings. In order to express the artists emotions and visions, she intensely combines color, vibrancy and shapes. Her creativity allows her to be very experimental by using everything from graffiti stencils, spray paint to newspaper collage, markers, oil, acrylic and resin.

The artists works are figurative and colorful, bright and expressive, and have the power to inspire, provoke and delight.

Lisa Gehres’ works are currently in private collections across Germany, Europe and Russia.



“My approach as an artist is to express human emotions and motives as a response to my social environment. I want to make a , to be provocative, and to entice the viewer to think, to feel, to ask, and to be in the present.My works are figurative and colorful, bright and expressive. I want the viewer to look deeper through the multiple layers of my paintings and completely absorb it’s attention.My creative process is not always straight forward or direct, it develops in the moment and therefore evolves in new dimensions.Every piece of my art is colorful, radiant, loud and carries a strong emotional charge. This dynamic developed over time, the wild play with colors and shapes. Above all, the deep joy of painting gives my paintings this modern, expressionistic freedom.My favorite mediums are acrylic, oil, newspaper and spray, all combined in multiple forms, shapes and layers.I am influenced by the joy of being, to develop oneself and one’s environment and to create something new.“