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Lilly Diana was born near Hamburg, Germany and has always pursued artistic paths in her upbringing – from early on, she took part in art exhibitions as a teenager. However, after having chosen a different career path in business and marketing, she later decided to pick up creating art again after her studies. Lilly Diana’s latest works portray societal issues such as superficiality, the focus on beauty, materialism, and money, and the normalization of violence and war. She is mostly known for her contemporary paintings that address society’s stupidity by combining realistic oil painting motives with abstract typographic aspects and collage styles.



Whenever I am painting, I try to bring my thoughts and what currently dives me on to the canvas. Although I am an optimistic person that believes in doing good, I often feel that external topics can have a negative influence on my thoughts that cause worry and doubt. I do not want to blame society only, because I feel its influence on my own actions as well. My thoughts are what create my artworks and they should help to find ourselves as foolish and easily influenceable human beings.