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I was born in Bogota Colombia, study fashion and textile design in Lasalle College, moved to USA in 2001 and since then I live in the city of the sun. I start painting looking for some way of expression and entertaining, I had some free time in my hands (I guess) and then next thing I know I’m in front of a canvas with a close friend of mine in her studio and while she was working on her stuff I started pouring acrylic paint and experimenting with colors and creating textures… that was the best day for a long time of creation and creativity, I continue working with same technique. I had work with layers of paint not blended, blending colors, spattering, oil, acrylic pouring.


BAG Art Around Town/ Government Center East Annex Building
January & February 2022

BAG Art Around Town / Kaiser University
February 2022

BAG Art Around Town? Pompano Beach Library

New Pelican Newspaper April 2022

Pembroke Pines / Walter C. Young Resource Center January & February 2023


“Within the technique I use, I found the beauty of the unknown and the chance of creating something unique. Similar to life, in every decision you make you hope it’s the right one and all you can do is enjoy the outcome”.