My name is Lika Shkhvatsabaia, I am an Georgian artist living in Madrid, Spain. I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a family of well-known sculptor and painter. I grew up among the artists and the people, who inspired me. Art has been an integral part of my life since childhood. It is that particular moment of searching individuality and the ability to see how much and how you perceive the world. The color is the main thing of my creativity, the way I express my feeling, connection with this world. I work in free and individual way. The basic principle by which my work is inspired is based on an optimistic vision of life, in a contradictory and complicated world. The process of working on the canvas and materializing my ideas modify many things in my paintings. My use of colors show the creative and emotional side of my personality. The feeling of the main essence that I think is the most important and further search of existence.


1989-1994 State Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi. Faculty of Monumental Painting

2021 III Abstract Painting Contest of Mario Saslovsky, Madrid
2020 Diploma of Excellence for Abstract Painting, Grupo pro Arte y Cultura Madrid.
2020 Artistic Excellence Award, Circle Foundation
2016 First prize for The Best Painting of the Year,
Art Competition, Tbilisi City Hall, Georgia
2016 Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a Turner collection
2017 Prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, International Center for Migration Policy Formulation (CIDPM) in collaboration with the EU-funded project – ENIGMMA-de (To strengthen migration management). Diaspora 2017
Award For Achievement in Promotion of Georgian Culture

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 Espacio Mados, Madrid
2021 Fundación Ramseyer, Argentina
2019 Antonio Machado Cultural Center, Madrid
2019 Consulado de Georgia en Barcelona, Spain
2018 Ibermaison, Madrid
2017 It comes from the HeART, Aci Serrano, Madrid
2016 ¨Vide Sile¨ Ateneo de Madrid
2015 Soulroom, Madrid, Spain
2014 “Madiathek” Tbilisi, Georgia
2011 “M gallery”, Tbilisi
2010 “Commemoration of Matisse”, Canape, Tbilisi
2003 “Designer’s Union” (Exhibition Hall) Tbilisi
1998 Permanent Mission of Georgia to the UN, NY

Collective Exhibitions:

2022 Artistas de Sianoja, Noja, Galeria Espiral, Spain
2022 ¨Sianoja¨ Simposio Internacional de Arte, Cantabria, Spain
2022 Charity Exhibition. Projects of the Messengers of Peace. Madrid
2021 ¨Puente Ritual de Sueños¨ Galery LibrosArte, Madrid
2021 Palacio 14¨ Arenas de San Pedro, Avila
2021 Art Fair Almoneda, Ifema, Madrid
2021 Oasis25, Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2121, Occo Art Gallery, Madrid
2021 ¨A traves de sus hojos¨ Centro Cultural de Coslada
2020 Exposicione Benefica de Mensajeros de la Paz, Centro Riojano, Madrid
25th 2020 Oasis Osaka, Tokyo
2020 Festiarte, Feria de Marbella
2020 United Artists Fair, Casa Cantabria, Madrid
2020 Fusión de Arte Contemporáneo, Toledo, Spain
2019 Universos cromáticos, Club567, Madrid
2019 Salon de Otoño, (AEPE), Casa de Vacas, Madrid
2019 Faim Art, Foundation PONS, Madrid
2019 “ Tribute to the Woman Artist”, Casa de Cultura, Navacerrada
2019 “Tribute to the Woman Artist”, Casa de Cultura, Villalba
2019 United Artists Fair, Casa Cantabria, Madrid
2018 “Muespart” ”, Opened Cultural Space, Madrid
2018 Showroom in “Ibarmaison” Madrid
2018 “Experiences” Porto, Portugal
2017 “Experiencias” Domus Romana Gallery, Rome, Italy
2017 “Aqua Maris”, Santana Art Gallery, Madrid
2017 Donostearten Feria de Arte, San Sebastian, Spain
2017 ¨Da Madrid Alla Toscana¨ Campiglia, Italy
2017 ¨Experiences¨, Gallery Monjuic, Barcelona, Spain
2017 ¨It comes from the heART¨ Serrano 19. 1 Junio
2017 Premier ARTFAIR Honk Kong 24-26 of March
2017 ¨Mundos Encontrados¨ Eka&Moore Gallery, Madrid
2017 ¨Women¨ Feel&Flow, Madrid
2017 ¨For you¨ FeedingArt, Madrid
2016 “Lights and dreams”, Espacio Ronda, Madrid
2016 “ Christmas Exhibition”, Málaga, Spain
2016 “Window of Malasaña”, Galeria Feedingart, Madrid
2016 ¨Efímero¨ Gallery Feedingart, Madrid
2016 Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Castello dei conti di Ceccano, Italy
2016 “5 women, 6 countries”, Opened Cultural Space, Madrid
2016 El Universo de Cervantes, Gallery Atalante, Madrid
2016 Feria de Madrid, Neptuno Palace, Madrid
2015 Sixth Expression, “Regalarte”, Madrid
2014 Akhundov Gallery, “Un buen dia” Tbilisi, Georgia
2012 Tbilisi Central “The Earth turns round you”Tbilisi, Georgia


In my work I always try to express my attitude to today’s realities and challenges of life. The creation process dictates each step and leads you to that result which you want to achieve. In my paintings I express my daily reality in which I live, my emotion and feelings.
My message is, be who you are, feel, experience and achieve harmony with your own creativity.
Art is the main spiritual nourishment of society, as science and as the driving force of this complicated world. There is no limit for Art, and Artist himself is an integral part of it. Art is definitely essential for the development of a society. Its role in this world is enormous.