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I’m Lena Katrin Weber, born in Wetzlar – Germany, in June 1984.
I am a freelance artist and founder of Atelier L(i)ebenszeit living and working in Braunfels, Germany.

Already as a child I discovered what wonderful feelings painting triggers in me. I enjoyed it for hours to myself to experiment with watercolors. Then I sold my paintings for 50 cents at the roadside in the village where I grew up. After graduating from high school I decided to study art and work as an art teacher. In the meantime, I worked at the Galerie am Dom – Wetzlar and had the opportunity to meet renowned artists. Then, two years ago, I decided to devote myself fully to art. In my studio, which is a peaceful place for creative community, I paint and empower people to get closer to their creative energy.



My vision of life is based on the motto: feel. create. love. – In this mindset I create mixed media paintings in different sizes. At the moment I like to use natural color pigments in connection with clay paints. I combine these on my canvas with ink and acrylic paints among other things in an abstract way. Painting gives me the opportunity to connect intensely with my inner world and give it expression to the outside. It grounds me and brings peace to me. It offers me a place to meditate and to surrender to my visions for shaping this life. For this opportunity I’m so grateful. Each work of mine is unique. Every painting is a mark on my creative life journey. And it’s my great wish to give my collectors a moment of calm, inner peace und deeply connection with themselves, as I feel while I’m painting.