< Nika Nuova


I am a textile artist based in Rome. Having received a classical art education, I began my career as an artist and a fashion designer. That’s how I got the opportunity to combine two of my dedications: for drawing and for textiles. My works are abstract textile panels. I have been always in love with textile, its malleability and the wide range of combinations it affords. After many years of working in the design industry (fashion, interior design, glass and porcelain), it became clear to me that product design can never be pure art, simply because it is inextricably linked to production. I began to think more about the environmental aspects of the fashion industry, and that’s what gradually grafted me onto making wall sculptures.


Maison&Objet Paris 2010, Florence Design Week 2013, 100% Design London 2014, Maison&Objet Paris 2015, Maison&Objet Paris 2016, Saatchi Gallery London 2016, Vogue Week Third Edition London 2021


My works utilises emphatic colours and sharp border/line work and aims to sit in the overlap between art and pop culture. I only use recycled materials, which also carry an important emotional message for me. The fabrics come from different times: these are my grandmother’s sundresses, my mother’s dresses, fully sewn and unfinished, brought by me from different places and countries. These small fragments of the heritage of the past are used as a kind of language, expressing valuable moments, carefully kept in our memories and shaping our inner world. That is the way I compose my world, express my feelings, attaching the “baggage” of bygone times to them, weaving a continuous tapestry of emotions and experiences of our lives.