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Paris-based painter, visual artist, writer and editor of artists books, Laurette Succar belongs to this generation of artists for whom creation is an act of resistance and resilience.
For twenty years, she has been developing research around materials loaded with meaning and stories.
Imbued with colors, scents and texture of her Lebanese childhood, her singular works question the flaw, oblivion and the conditions of a possible transmission.
Laurette Succar’s palette is essentially composed of spices, fibers, handmade and recycled papers, maps, natural pigments, wax, stones, words… The crucial place of all metamorphoses is, as she likes to repeat, the “deafening sound of silences and solitudes”.

The poet, essayist and art critic Gilbert Lascault wrote :
“Laurette Succar’s poetry weaves the sonorous syllables, the hammered letters, the noises of the fleeting night, the oscillating cadences, the sighs of enjoyment, the rumble of the original […]. She mixes blood and ashes, grain and chaff, lines and sediments, margins and tides. She keeps watching; she prepares the decoys, the ambushes, the mirror with the larks, the nets; she traps; she stalks. She bewitches.”


Born in Beirut (Lebanon), Laurette Succar is graduated in Philosophy and Aesthetics from the Sorbonne University Paris and in Education Sciences from the Institute of Pedagogy of Paris. She taught Philosophy in a High School in the Paris region.
Her paintings, drawings and installations are regularly exhibited in France, Italy, Germany, England, Belgium, Europe, Africa and Middle East. They are included in several private and corporate collections throughout the world.
Her artist’s books are part of prestigious collections including La Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris.
She was awarded the Josette Moreau Després Painting Prize in 2015 by the Société Nationale d’Horticulture de France – SNHF Paris.

2022/ Venice Biennial Art Exhibition “Personal Structures – Reflections” – Palazzo Bembo – Venice – Italy
2020/ Artist’s Books Livres pauvres – Prieuré de Saint Cosme – France
2019/ Galerie Am Tor – Miltenberg – Germany
2016/ Société Nationale d’Horticulture de France – SNHF Paris – France
2014/ 5th Base Gallery – Londres, UK
2013/ Croissant Gallery – Bruxelles, Belgium
2009/ Galerie Rê – Marrakech, Morocco
2009/ Galerie Cahiers d’art – Paris – France
2008/ Le Grand Réservoir – Kremlin-Bicêtre – France
2007/ Chapelle Saint-Louis de La Salpêtrière – Paris – France
2006/ Hôtel Mezzara Hector Guimard – Paris – France
2005/ Commanderie Saint Jean – Corbeil-Essonnes – France
2003/ Galerie L’Ami des Lettres – Bordeaux – France

2019/ Artrooms Fair – Rooms Section – Roma – Italy
2018/ Château de Salmaise – Bourgogne – France
2017/ Galerie Abteigasse 1 Amorbach – Germany
2014/ Galerie Saint Louis – Toulon – France
2010/ Espace B46 – Palm Jumeirah – Dubaï – United Arab Emirates
2008/ Galerie Duban Léglise – Paris – France
2007/ Festival Art Capella, Chapelle Sainte-Anne d’Elven – Morbihan – France
2005/ Conservatoire Francis Poulenc – Paris – France