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Larissa Oxman is a visionary artist born in the ancient and architecturally rich city of Baku, Azerbaijan. From an early age, she was drawn to the expressive possibilities of reading and drawing, inspired by her hometown’s impressive architecture and the cultural mosaic that defines the shores of the Caspian Sea. The warm climate and vibrant colors of her childhood surroundings played a pivotal role in nurturing her vivid imagination and her desire to express herself through the mediums of drawing and painting. Today, Larissa is based in Ecuador, a country renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and warm-hearted people, which continues to influence her artistic exploration and expression.



Individual exhibition CCE Homenaje a Vanguardia Quito,Ecuador 2015
Individual exhibition Espiral de Fantasía Museo LANN Guayaquil 2016 Project Imago Mundi 2017
Individual ehxibition Casa mariscal, Arlequin Quito Ecuador 2018
Individual Ehibition/Perfomance Sueño imposible, Quito,Ecuado 2018
individual exibition Fantasias hedonicas galeria Bamboo,Ecuador 2019
6 th Salon de Arte Iberoamericano Trujillo, Peru 2022 Collective Ehibitions Ellas en el arte Aires Galery Cordoba Spain 2023

Education : school of fine arts Baku /Sankt Petersbourg
University degree,Industrial design Baku,Azerbaijan
Master´s degree in audiovisual scriptwriting 21.06.2022 Tech University /Spain/Canarios
Mentions :
Honorable Mention IV biennial museum LANN Guyaquil Ecuador 2014
Honorable Mention ,Project Asher Argentine 2017
honorable Mention Collective exposition Patagonia Argentine 2023
Premio de Kuindzhi Ukraine 2023
Honorable Mention biennial Salerno Italy October 2023


Art is an escape from reality, a gateway to a world brimming with imagination, fantasies, and a delicate touch of eroticism. My work seeks to surprise and engage the viewer, inviting them into a narrative woven from the vibrant threads of women’s experiences—their introspective search for self, their passions, love, and desires. I endeavor to capture and convey these themes through a vivid interplay of colors and lines, each piece a testament to the depth and complexity of feminine existence.

Drawing deeply from my roots in Baku, a city where diverse cultures converge against a backdrop of historic architecture, and my current residence in the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, my art reflects a unique blend of influences. These environments, rich in color, texture, and emotion, serve as an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration for my exploration of the female form and psyche.

Art, in my view, should not only captivate but also provoke thought and evoke emotion, challenging the viewer to see beyond the surface. Through my work, I aim to offer a reflection on the beauty and intricacy of the world of women, their inner and outer journeys, and the universal quest for meaning and connection.