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I was born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). My drawing skills appeared at a very young age. I have been fond of painting since childhood and studied at an art school. I worked as an advertising director in the secondary raw materials market and in the fashion industry. Then I became an independent photographer and worked in different countries of the world and on different continents.

My paintings carry various messages, often of a spiritual nature. They symbolize different experiences associated with rebirth and self-search.

I started drawing again after 30 years break because of the tragic circumstances of my life.

I’ve lived in the Caribbean for a long time. In 2017, I moved to Belgium. I like to use gold in my painting as a tribute to ancient Russian icons.


St.Petersburg art school for children. The author’s program of Nadezhda Ilyina

“Ancient oil painting techniques 2.0” online. Diploma Dali’s Mustache II Prize 29.03.2021 Spain