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Lourdes Acero was born in Mexico City in 1978. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at the Universidad Iberoamericana, while also taking courses in Seattle, WA. and Våxjo, Sweden.
She began her artistic practice with Professor Jaime Tellez at the studio “Manos Livres”. She has participated in special courses with painter Gabriela Villareal and Professor Luis Margain, as well as taken a Contemporary Art course with Sofía García. She is currently a part of Merche Arsuaga and Gabriela Rebolledo´s studio.


Proyecto 17” Centro Cultural San Ángel (November 12-19, 2016. Mexico City).
“Semana Internacional del Corazón” Instituto Nacional de Cardiología (October 10, 2017. Mexico).
“Arteando Ando” Salón Ambrosía (November 7-9, 2017. Mexico City).
“Caminarte” Hotel Hyatt (June 15-16, 2019. Mexico City).
“No Name” Primera edición: Museo San Carlos (June 23, 2019. Mexico City)
“Caminarte” Hotel W (July 22, 2019. Mexico City).
“Ni una Más”, Galería Sophart (August 15-17, 2019. Mexico City).
“ASF Art Fair” (November 9, 2019. Mexico City).
“Caminarte Edición #100”, Galerie Joseph (November 13-17, 2019. Paris, France).
“Exposición Sophart” (December 14, 2019-January 2, 2020. Mexico City).
“No Name” Segunda edición: Munal (January 16, 2020, Mexico City).
“El Arte de Vivir” Subasta con causa (October 18, 2021. Mexico City).

Her artwork is a part of the collection of Galería Moyshe in San Miguel de Allende, and is currently exhibited in Galería SophArt.

“Exposición Colectiva Crónicas de un Taller”, Centro de Artes Vivas Coyoacan (November 21-28, 2022. Mexico City).
“ Art Fair Paris” January 2023
“ Art Fair New York” Match 2023


Being autodidactic, my father´s influence pushes me to explore the uneasiness of being an artist. My work establishes questionings about the techniques, textures and colors, while exploring the perception of space and memory, as well as the bond that is generated on a personal level with these elements in a friendly and positive environment. My work reflects an authentic and creative nature, which are an outcome of the influences that surround me consistently. I also try to take the viewer to the depths of an idea, sometimes fragmented and other times whole.


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