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Kyla Balke was born and raised in Thunder Bay Ontario. Kyla is a new emerging abstract expressionist utilizing self directed learning. With an intuitive approach, Kyla practices using mixed media techniques with an eclectic yet minimalist style. While artistic genes run in the family, Kyla was fortunate enough to develop this strength and has discovered her passion throughout this journey. As a mental health advocate and social activist at heart, Kyla aims to transcend oppression by creating more awareness about issues relating to social injustice as well as provide opportunity for others to do the same.

Inspiration comes from life experience and critical reflection in regards to working in health care. Throughout the creation process I am often submerged in a meditative state reflecting on many personal and work life events. The intuitive nature of this expression acts as a sense of release and self care to aid in further resiliency. My use of unique compositions, balance, and negative space represent the differing perspectives in society and the many gaps in the current systems. Much more discussion is needed surrounding the topics of current social injustice such as systemic discrimination, segregation, domestic/workplace violence, mental health, substance use, freedom of choice/speech just to name few. It is my mission to transcend the oppression and create more awareness through the use of mixed media abstract art.