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Klaus Rune i born in Denmark. This little country in the northern part of Europe, where is usually rains cats and dogs. It doesn’t invite for creativity. However, for several years, Denmark has been at the top of the ranking of the happiest and most creative country in the world. His inspiration surely comes from his culture. He creates unique work of art with minimalist approach and circles. A tribute to space, time, and human beings !


The painting “Peace against war” from the collection “Human Imprint“ was auctioned @Drouot in Paris at 6000 euros the 28th of April 2022. The painting reflects about our relationship with peace and war. His art style attracts art collectors worldwide and guarantees a successful long term investment strategy. The general value of the artist’s artwork gained 20 % since less 2020. The artwork is produced in a both trendsetting and original way. The artist chooses to free himself from the brush and to place himself as an art conductor. He calls the human body to apply the paint with circular movements on the canvas. His unique artwork undeniably shapes, Klaus Rune, as one of the most innovative artists.The artist, Klaus Rune has been selected as an “artiste en vogue” on


Klaus Rune aims showing that it’s possible to represent the inherent intricacy and complexity of an idea with very few elements. According to him, evocative power remains paramount.