< Kerstin Jedwill



I was born and raised in Rees, a small town in Germany.

Since my early youth I was creative and engaged in painting, photography and modeling with clay.
I was always looking for ways to live out my creativity, but didn’t find the fulfillment I was hoping for.
Through photography, I finally came into contact with digital image editing, which I developed through self-taught learning.
I was ( and am ) thrilled by the countless fascinating possibilities that were revealed to me.
Regardless of styles, materials and other restrictions, I was finally able to overcome the existing limitations and visualize my narratives, which developed from experiences, dreams, visions as well as my imagination and fantasy.
The door to a new and different world was opened !

My admiration for artists of different eras and genres as well as my fascination for the digital development process shape my work.
I started creating digital artwork two years ago and am still at the beginning of a journey of inspiration, learning, growing and unbridled joy.
I wish I had found this opportunity sooner.
It seems to be providence that something doesn’t find entry until you’re ready for it. Who knows …


Group Exhibition „ Woman, Life, Freedom“ in February 2023, Middle Eastern North African Association Amherst College

Group Exhibition “Cats” in May 2022, Murcia , Spain

Group Exhibition “Heroes and villains” in September 2022, Murcia , Spain

Article about my works in the magazine ” Tattoo Life Magazine” May 2022

Article about my works in the magazine ” White paper by” in 2022


I let my impressions, feelings and thoughts flow into my image compositions.
In doing so, I see myself as a storyteller.
My desire is to inspire people with my artistically visualized messages to think, reflect or identify.
For my paintings, I often use historical artworks of all eras and genres, which are transformed by digital interventions into a new, modern and sometimes surrealistic story.
My spirit of discovery, fueled by curiosity and an inexhaustible imagination, inspires me and is the impetus for discovering the unpredictable and overwhelming opportunities and prospects of the digital world.
For me, art is a pure spirit with countless possibilities of expression, interpretation and my creativity, which knows no standstill and no limits.
Art also creates lasting and everlasting values and memories.