< Kelly Tuck




Kelly’s work is an ongoing self-discovery of identity. From her history of growing up in the 80s, she draws on her sheltered and protected childhood as a middle-class white South African female, juxtaposed with the true reality of the country’s ‘state of emergency’.

Juggling present day life as a full-time mom, full-time employee, and full-time artist, Kelly draws inspiration from the simplicity of colour. ‘True colour demands nothing and each individual colour gives off its own unique presence which evokes meaning, emotion, healing and memories. What is life but just a series of colour.’

Kelly is profoundly affected by the suffering and eventual loss of her father. This adds another complex layer to herself self-expression. Her work embodies energy and movement. There is an element of healing that is present as the viewer loses themselves in the waves and layers of colour. These complex layers of her work become more evident as the viewer delves deeper.

Inspiration is drawn from everyday life. Turning the mundane into a vibrant expression of colour and emotion. Getting lost in a journey of texture and movement, her work creates a different story for every viewer. Her passion for painting is evident in the dynamic creation of her work as she paints with her hands. Kelly says, ‘there is no division between myself and my work, I physically move the colour with my body.


<p>Fine Art Graduate with distinction.</p> <p>Contemporary Art Fair 2021 UK – Solo</p> <p>Shanghai Fair 2019 – Solo</p> <p>VIFA Fair 2019 Vietnam – Solo</p> <p>African Art Center 2018 – Solo</p> <p>Shanghai Fair 2018 – Solo</p> <p>Shanghai Fair 2017 – Solo</p> <p>Grahams Town Arts Festival 2000 – Homeing In Exhibition</p> <p>Private Collections:</p> <p>First National Bank South Africa – Johannesburg</p> <p>Amara Hotel – Shanghai</p> <p>Hotel Izulu South Africa – Ballito</p> <p>Mr Price Head Quarters – Durban</p> <p>Thorrington-Smith & Silver Attorneys – Durban</p> <p>Coppen Johnson Gallery – Durban</p> <p>Stir Social Head Offices – Durban</p> <p> </p>


Faced with Lockdown in south Africa being completely restricted to our property under military confinement, my inspiration of life experiences ended overnight. Memory was literally the only way to access any inspiration. Through the frustration of confinement released a far more expressive and colourful side to my work.Balancing feelings of our relative insignificance in relation to the bigger scheme of life. Coupled with feelings of displacement, being partially immigrated during a global pandemic and my family being separated over two continents.Now finding myself locked down in the UK, expression with paint is my only familiarly and safe space. Using mainly my body and hands to blend acrylic colour into textured scenes of expression and emotion.My work is of abstract places in time. Vague dreamlike memories of a distant land and a distant life. Creating a meditative space of solitude for the viewer as well as my soul to escape from life’s chaos and uncertainty in a life of new faces and places amongst an ever increasing turbulent world.