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Kayo is fascinated with self-expression through art, she focuses on landscape-inspired abstract mixed media pieces heavily combined with drawing on surface called Mylar.
Her bold but elegant use of color creates compositions that are intuitive, translucent and complex.
With strong interest in Carl Jung’s psychology, she takes references from nature, and memories perceived and stored in unconscious, extracts and transforms them in abstract form.
She expands her paintings into murals, 3D objects and installations. She was born in Hyogo, Japan, works and lives in New York.


2018 “Emotional Landscape” – A.C. Studios, Alpharetta, GA – September
2022 Affordable Art Fair – New York – March
2021 Affordable Art Fair – New York – September
2018 GOVENOR’S ISLAND ART FAIR – Governor’s Island, NY – September
2022 “TERRARIUM” – Ice Cream Social, Port Chester, NY – March – May
“PlASTICITY” – Galeria Azur, Madrid, Spain – February – March
2021 “Connected Fragments” curated by Kayo Shido and 3 other artists – 208 Bowery, New York – July SJAC
2021 Exhibition – Tenri Gallery, New York, NY – June
“Illuminated Landscape” – Art of Our Century, New York, NY – May
”22nd Annual Salon Show”, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY – April
“She Is 2021” – One Art Space, New York, NY – March
International Womens Art Fair – One Art Space, New York, NY – March
“On the Inside Looking Out” curated by AnkhLave Artist Alliance – Queens Botanical Garden, Queens, NY – January -April


My work is to capture the obscured fragments from the unconscious into “Emotional Landscape” in abstract manner. The unconscious mind where all the data we perceive with our five senses is stored. The perceived data become disintegrated memories, images, feelings – I love to dive into this unconscious pool to extract fragments and to bring them to this present moment. The process of natural phenomena by which landscapes are shaped, such as erosion by wind and water as they flow through land – those are the foundation for my work as the movements resonates with the mingled emotions in the mind I try to express and to connect.