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Kathreen Kaye Rodrigo Absuelo is an oil painter with an artistic style intertwined with surrealism, abstractionism, and impressionism. She explores themes of passion and the subliminal self in her paintings. She was born in the Philippines, and attended a private Catholic school where art was not part of the curriculum. Science became her favorite class, because it was an environment that allowed her to draw plants and animals. At home, she found herself doodling behind photographs, and on any blank surfaces she could find. After her move to the United States, she began painting. She realized painting in a state of reverie allows direct access to her psyche. With this process, she produces panoramic scenes of flowing shapes, textured layers, and anatomical figures. She was introduced to Dali, Klimt, and Monet by fellow artists, as they saw similarities to her work. Their intrinsically familiar essence motivates her to continue painting. Today, her most recent works explore the emotional landscape of her 20’s, consisting of reflections on pain, loss, and self discovery.

Writer: Lauren Slivka


Group Exhibitions

2021 October, “PARADOX”, Madrid, Spain

2016 October, “Into The Wild” Group Show, Capitol Hill Arts Walk, Seattle, WA, USA

2016 September, “The Other Enclave” Group Show, Brainfreeze (The Lusty Lady), Seattle, WA, USA

2015 June, Chocolate & Art Group Show KGB Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, USA

2011 October, RAW Artists Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, USA | 2011 September, Daily Visuals Group Show Compton, Los Angeles CA, USA

2011 August, Chocolate & Art Group Show, Monk Space Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, USA.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 August, “I C O N I C Art Exhibit + I n T h i s S k i n II”, Seattle WA, USA

2017 August, Bemis Arts, Seattle WA. “I C O N I C Art Exhibit + I n T h i s S k i n I”, Fred Wildlife Refuge, Seattle, WA, USA

2016 February, “E N I G M A”, Solo Art Exhibition, Paradiso Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

2015 October-December, “In Dreams” Solo Art Exhibition, Vera Project Seattle Center, Seattle, WA, USA

2011 July, 619 Western Solo Art Show, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA, USA.


2019 Vioure: Local Color Live-in Galleries Where We Connect Seattle’s Creative Community With Our Guests Kathreen Absuelo

2017 August The Stranger: I C O N I C Art Exhibit Featuring “In This Skin” Live Performance

2016 October Vanguard: Seattle Art Fashion and Culture Art Party! Capitol Hill Art Walk Checklist

2016 October Standard Goods Featured Artist: Kathreen Absuelo

2015 October Vera Project Present-Solo Art Exhibition: Kathreen Absuelo

2014 Collective Heat Studio Featured Artist | Kathreen Absuelo “CHAKRA”

2011 September RAW Artists Hollywood, Art: Kathreen Absuelo.


Painting is sacred to me. I feel a deep connection outside of my physical state while I paint. I enter a tranquil trance and become taken over by something I can’t understand.