Kat Amo Odio, Kat for her childhood name (Katherin), Amo Odio for the ambivalence of her last name (Amodio). She was born in Venezuela, from an Italian father and a Galician mother. She is currently based in Madrid but moves between Madrid, Barcelona and New York. Since she was a child she liked aesthetically beautiful, so she was always inventing, innovating, painting and creating. She graduated in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication and her career developed in the artistic sector and creative Art Direction in advertising.



Condeduque Center of Contemporary Culture – Madrid – 2013

Condeduque Center of Contemporary Culture – Madrid – 2016

Tabakalera, International Center of Contemporary Culture – San Sebastián – 2017

Condeduque Center of Contemporary Culture – Madrid – 2020

International Art Fair BADA – Madrid – 2022

Hotel Only You Atocha – Madrid – 2022

Chinese Cultural Center – Madrid – 2023


Degree in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication
CICE, Professional School of New Technologies (Madrid)
Nov 2003 /


NEW ERA is a new beginning. From this point on, the creative style changes and all of this arises from the need to adapt due to the constant change we live day by day. This art can be defined as “responsive art” (adaptable art).

After a long search through experimentation, I found a style that I synthesize creating my own language to delight with vibrant colors, response to a currently convulsive post pandemic world dominated by uncertainty, war and crisis worldwide.

My professional career marked by art and advertising has given rise to compositions full of geometries where the female figure is the center, the gestures indicate that they are modern, strong and confident women impregnated with glamour and sophistication. NEW ERA is constantly in evolution.