< Karla Carranza


Karla Carranza (born in Mexico) is an emerging Mexican American contemporary artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles. Having received a BA in International Relations and AA Fashion Design at Parson School of Design her artistic expression explores painting, fibre art, design and mixed media.

Inspired by honestly, rawness, exposure, vulnerability, perseverance, and love, Carranza connects with the evocative world through her art; using both representational and abstract images to transmit a conceptualized expression of the energetic underpinnings that are uprooted in the process of deconstructing and reconstructing experiences.


<p>Exhibitions</p> <p>2022 Eclipse, Galeria Azur, Madrid – Spain</p> <p>2021 Deconstructing Matter, Matter Gallery, Los Angeles CA -USA</p> <p>2017 CUBE – Fashion Collection</p> <p>2017 Capsule Paris _FW Fashion Collection</p> <p>Education</p> <p>BA, International Relations and Economics, Simmons University, Boston, MA</p> <p>AA, Fashion Design, Parsons School of Design, NY, NY</p>


Often using acrylic, fibre paste, layers, texture, mixed media, mark making (symbolic and otherwise) Carranza uses the canvas to re-engage with, explore and expand on, personal interactions, the human condition and transcendental energy. Creating a space to interpret, deconstruct and reconstruct experiences, Carranza produces a new interaction on the canvas.