< Karin Morris




Karin works out of her PS Art Space Studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. Before Karin had embarked on a life of painting she was drawn to visit art galleries at any opportunity. First practical encounter with art was a night drawing class followed by painting classes. From then on the desire to paint has never left her despite the many challenges of life. It was after painting for some years that Karin undertook a degree in painting from Curtin University. Painting is a process that Karin finds absorbing and demanding. She particularly likes the challenge of finding the right mix of colours for her paintings.


<p>CV</p> <p>Education<br /> 2017 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art and Visual Culture) – Curtin University</p> <p>Awards<br /> 2022 Finalist – Cossack Art Award<br /> 2021 Finalist – Melville Art Award<br /> 2020 Finalist – Collie Art Award 2020<br /> 2019/2021 Finalist – Rockingham Art Award</p> <p>Solo Exhibitions<br /> 2022 The Landscape Re-Imagined Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle<br /> 2017 With Attitude PS Art Space- Upstairs Gallery Fremantle<br /> 2014 Which Way? Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle<br /> 2008 Fremantle and Beyond Old Royal George Gallery East Fremantle</p> <p>Exhibitions<br /> 2020 Boundaries Destablising Wall Collective Old Customs House Fremantle<br /> 2017 PS Upstairs Resident Artists PSAS Fremantle.<br /> 2012 Go Figure Monday Life Drawing Kidogo Arthouse Gallery Fremantle<br /> 2012 PSAS Resident Artists at Pakenham Street Art Space Fremantle<br /> 2011 From the George to the Moores Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle<br /> 2010 Off The Wall Resident Artists PSAS Fremantle<br /> 2008 The George Celebrates Resident Artists Old Royal George Gallery East Fremantle</p>


Karin Morris is a landscape painter of the natural and built environment. She is an expressive artist who likes to use bright and bold colours. Karin prefers oil paints due to their luminosity. Her methodology is to fully explore a theme in detail. Art is Karin’s way of making sense of personal connections to place.