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My name is Karen Branco. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Currently residing in Lakewood, Ohio, just a few minutes outside of the city.

Growing up, I always had a strong interest in art and was constantly drawing or sketching. As I got older, I lost touch with my art. After quite some time, I had an overwhelming feeling that I just had to paint. My soul wouldn’t let it go. At the end of 2019, I began my journey, not knowing what to expect or where it would take me. I could not stop painting, it’s all I wanted to do.

I am incredibly passionate about my art and still have so many techniques and ideas that I’d like to try. I can’t wait to see where this colorful road will lead me.



As an artist, I produce abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas. I use several tools including paint brushes and catalyst wedges, as well as paint pouring. My creations are typically layered, rhythmic and colorful.My inspiration comes from my life experiences. The things that I cannot express verbally, are portrayed onto the canvas. From there, a story has been painted and my expressions become visual. I’d like the audience to have their own interpretation according to how they feel. It’s exciting to learn what others may see.I will continue to grow as an artist and am excited to see what I can achieve.