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Karen Chappelow is an expressionist artist and sculptor that offers a daring commentary on contemporary society. She draws heavily from history, anthropology, mythology, and pop culture in a way that overthrows original gender dynamics and hands the reins of control back to women, or the oppressed and unapologetically, adding a twist of sassy humour to the mix. She has been Sculpting and painting for more than 20 years and has collectors around the world

I like it when I get a physical reaction from people when they view my art. The whimsy, fun and sometimes political nature of life is evident in my work. By expressing the fierceness of a female, the ridiculous in a scenario , becomes a message turned into humour to soften the blow, breaking down barriers. The expressionist nature of my work tries to blur the edges of reality and hopefully makes people smile, wonder and to think and create conversation



The only glass ceiling we need The fact that the glass ceiling is still discussed in these woke days shows how engrained in our society it is. Gender, cultural and racial bias. The “glass ceiling” refers to an impenetrable yet invisible barrier that keeps qualified individuals – who are part of a race or gender minority – from ascending to higher level positions in companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes, simply because of their race or gender. The only glass ceiling we need is a champagne fountain, enjoyed by everybody. The pin and the bubblegum bubble is an allegory for a few choice terms -Just one prick and burst your bubble, whilst at the same time, she is reaching to bring the glass ceiling down. The tiny man is being squashed and appears as an insignificant player