< Jyoti Tyagi


I am a Dallas based artist.

I use oil and acrylic to paint on canvas but my work isn’t constrained by it, I use clay, metal, and wood to create sculptures that bring my ideas to life. My creativity is not just bound to materials, but I also use various tools – palette knives, aluminium foils, earbuds, nuts and bolts and much more to concretize and give shape to my ideas. I believe that the artist is just the medium.

Although I started as a precocious child artist, under the tutelage of independent artists I kept doing art in school as well as college. My artistic journey was interrupted to accommodate life and family responsibilities. After my sons were old enough to manage their responsibilities, I went back to my calling for doing ART. I pursued to study art in colleges in Dallas.

I am also a member of several art associations and have exhibited my work at many Dallas based informal, intimate art venues.


2021 :

Dec 11 – Dec 22 Group Show Gift of Art Lewisville Grand Exhibition Lewisville, TX

Nov – Dec SOLO Show Poured Wine Bar Mansfield, TX

Nov 15 – Dec SOLO Show Savor Coffee Bar Arlington, TX

Nov 15 – Dec 07 Group Show Dallas College , Northlake College Irving, TX

Sept 04 – Dec 04 Group Show “MOVEMENT” Family Dream Center Mansfield, TX

Sept 04 – Dec 04 Group Show “ GLITTER” Flying Squirrel Coffee Co Mansfield, TX

Sept 01 – Nov 05 Group Show “FALL IS CALLING” Farr Best theater Mansfield, TX

Aug 30 – Dec 05 Group Show “FALL HEALING” Texas Health Hospital Mansfield, TX

Aug 15 – Nov 07 Group Show “LIGHT” Savor Eatery & Coffee Bar Arlngton, TX

Mar 29 – June 25 Group Show “QUICK INSTALL”Hypnotic Emporium Mansfield, TX

Mar 29 – June 25 Group Show “BLUE” Mansfield Public Library Mansfield, TX

Mar 09 – June 08 Group Show POURED Wine Bar Mansfield , TX

Mar 07 – May 30 Group Show Texas Health Hospital Mansfield, TX

Mar 09 –June 06 Group Show “SPRING” Flying Squirrel Coffee Co Mansfield, TX

Jan – Mar Group Show “REFRESH”Mansfield Public Library Mansfield, TX


Nov 15–Dec 30 Group Show “CERAMICS ON THE WALL” Goldmark Cutltural Center Dallas, TX

April – June Group Show West Irving Public Library Irving , TX

Jan – Mar Group Show West Irving Public Library Irving, TX

Feb 21 – Nov 01 Group Show “INDIA A LA ART” Irving Archives & Museum Irving, TX

Jan 20 – Aug 20 SOLO Show Remington Retirement Home Irving, TX

Oct – Dec 2019 Group Show Winter Show, Irving Art Association Gallery Irving, TX


My work is very intuitive and has very little planning.I view things that any other observer may miss. In the objects I see a balance in the patterns , streaks, swirls , blotches and colours which I put it on the canvas.The outcome of very artwork is always therapeutic & visceral. The aim of my artwork is to give the viewer a direct visual freedom to form their own personal connection with the image whether it reminds them of somewhere they have seen or invoke an emotion or a memory.