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Julia Hariri is an abstract artist living in Berlin.

Since the early years Julia was passionate about painting and creating.

Besides graduating in fashion and being a former fashion designer, Julia was lucky to have the opportunity to express herself as a Freelance Print Designer and Illustrator.

After a couple of years of working in the Fashion Industry, Julia decided to fully concentrate on her own projects and doing art for a living.

Being creative has always been Julia’s way to cope with life and escape reality by jumping into her own creative sphere. Especially in her childhood she felt that art can save her from the bad vibes present in her environment.

In the ECSTATIC collection Julia’s passion for colors and minimalist lines come together. Being always fascinated by the diversity of people and their bodies, the series is focused especially on women and the female body. Growing up with media and getting confronted with the permanent presence of female discrimination and sexualization, gender equality got an important topic for her. Being half German and half Persian, she was recognizing soon differences between men and women in both societies.Taking advantage of women’s’ physical weakness, woman are being suppressed physically as well as mentally. With this superiority of “male strength” there are still big influences on a woman’s life. How the women is seen in society, how her body is seen, what she’s allowed to do with her body. It’s decided by a men leading society.

In the ECSTATIC series Julia channels her thoughts and experiences into bright and colorful paintings, by picturing the vision of the future woman, celebrating the full control of her mind, body and soul. Visualizing women in various abstract shapes and compositions Julia wants to point out solidarity, strength and appreciation among and towards women.