< Juan Mengual



I started painting when my mother, a well-known local painter, asked me to help her with a project she had in mind. I did some paintings and thought I may have potential so I decided to take it seriously and went to London for a formal art education.

My three years there were very nurturing, meeting artists from all over the world, museums, exhibitions and getting to know the world of art first-hand.

When I finished, I returned to Spain due to personal circumstances. Since then I have been dedicated to the development and promotion of my art.


2015 – 2017 Fine Art Diploma, The Art Academy, London
2019: Collective exhibition, Marquiss Hotels Issabel’s, Seville
2021: Collective exhibition Twenty years of the Espurna Foundation, Coll Alas Gallery. Gandia, Valencia
2022: Collective exhibition. M.A.D.S. Art, Gallery. Milan.
Participation in Artist Experience Madrid.
Participation in the International Art Fair of Barcelona.
Selected to be part of the Bellamonti World Art Guide
Solo exhibition at Agaphe gallery. Barcelona


My work comes from the interest I´ve got on the unconscious. I use techniques that involve chance to make a stain and work with it trying not to think. Soon enough looks like my artworks have their own life and strange creatures arise.

My paintings may look like abstract, but after a bit of exposure everyone may see their own interpretation. It´s like a game I invite to the viewer.