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Josephine Lui, a Hong Kong-born artist, has carved a distinctive niche for herself in the expansive world of art and design. Educated in both her hometown and the cultural heartland of Japan, Lui’s academic journey spans the intricate realms of Design, Fine Art, and Sculpture. It was her profound fascination with Japanese art culture that led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Sculpture from the esteemed Tokyo University of the Arts.

Over the years, Tokyo has not only been her academic refuge but also the hub of her artist activities. Lui has held a series of solo exhibitions, such as “Contouring Empathy” at Gallery Maruhi (2019), and the evocative “Blossoming Charisma” at Ishigawa Gallery (2022). Moreover, her distinct artistry was showcased at Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto in 2022.

In addition to her solo showcases, Lui has participated in group exhibitions in places ranging from Tokyo to Taipei, including “Mononoke” at Ishigawa Gallery and “ONE ART Taipei 2023” at Cloud Gallery.

Her dedication to her craft has earned her recognition, with awards such as the Art Meets Architecture Competition in Japan in 2018 and the Blue Lotus Gallery Award in Hong Kong in 2012.

As an independent artist, Josephine Lui’s art is a blend of her Hong Kong origins and her experiences in Japan, capturing the attention of art enthusiasts in both regions.


Educational Background
2017-2019 Master in Fine Art (Sculpture), Department of Sculpture,
(Tokyo University of the Arts)
2012 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts,
(Hong Kong Baptist University)

Solo Exhibition
2022 「Blossoming Charisma」Ishigawa Gallery、Tokyo (Japan)
2022 「Omuro-Ninnaji4.8Pro. SHZENNECTION」Ninna-ji Temple (the Shiroshoin)、Kyoto (Japan)
2021 Intangible Linkage, Gallery K, Tokyo (Japan)
2020 Focusing on the new generation in Tokyo 2020, Gallery K, Tokyo (Japan)
2019 Contouring Empathy, Gallery Maruhi, Tokyo (Japan)
2014 Frame, AVA Gallery, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions
2023 「Mononoke 」Ishigawa Gallery/Daimaru Tokyo、Tokyo (Japan)
2023 「ONE ART Taipei 2023 」Cloud Gallery、Taipei (Taiwan)
2021 「Mononoke 」Ishigawa Gallery、Tokyo (Japan)
2020 「Geidai Cat Exhibition 2020 」Tokyo University of the Art、Tokyo (Japan)
2020 「FUJIYA GALLERY Selection 2020 」FUJIYA GALLERY、Tokyo (Japan)
2020 「The 19th Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd・Office Exhibition 」
Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd、Tokyo (Japan)
2019 PANDORA’S GAME, Neptune Gallery, Taipei (Taiwan)
2019 Zodiac exhibition – Mouse, Gallery Maruhi, Tokyo (Japan)
2019 Cat Pawn Shop exhibition, Gallery Maruhi, Tokyo (Japan)
2019 67th Graduation Exhibitions of Fine Arts Master Program, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo (Japan)
2018 Odds and Sods, Gallery Seiho, Tokyo (Japan)
2017 JAALA International Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo (Japan)
2012 Fresh Trend, 1a space, Hong Kong
2012 Ostrale’ 012, Internationale Ausstellung zeitgenössischer Künste, Germany
2012 SPLASH, AVA Graduation Exhibition, Gallery AVA, Hong Kong

2018 Art Meets Architecture Competition Grand Award, (Japan)
2012 AVA Award (Hong Kong)
2012 Blue Lotus Gallery Award (Hong Kong)
2008 Webdesign International Festival Preselection Winner (France)


Lui is deeply rooted in the belief that an intrinsic gravitational force connects all beings on Earth. Originating from a singular source and inhabiting the same world, we have diversified into countless species. Yet, in even those beings vastly different from us, there exists wisdom awaiting discovery. Seeking to illuminate these unseen connections, Lui bridges these beings through a tapestry of imagination and personal experiences. Infused with introspection, her art combines the essence of tattoos with animalistic forms. This results in surrealistic sculptures that articulate Lui’s own language, memories, and life’s sensations—all accentuated by hand-painted motifs.

Lui’s journey has been anchored in clay sculpture, constantly pushing boundaries and melding the disciplines of sculpture and painting. As she evolves, her thoughts shape into tangible forms and captivating imagery, creating an ethereal atmosphere where her distinct creatures narrate untold tales.

Lui’s fascination with the silhouettes of humans, animals, and plants is evident. These forms, while appearing calm, are captured in moments of tension, revealing deeper emotions and stories. This exploration isn’t limited to sculpture alone. Pushing the boundaries, Lui finds a harmonious balance between sculpture and painting, making her creatures more than mere art—they’re storytellers in an ethereal realm.