< Orozco


Born in Oviedo (Spain) in 1957, mine is a late vocation which I like to see as a natural extension of a long career in the advertising design and creativity business. All comes from a strong inner need of creating and transforming things. Due to life circumstances there are two periods in my artistic career: first from 2001 to mid 2005 in which I had to interrupt my activities and then from 2018 onwards in which I have finally reached a full time dedication to art.


Last solo shows “What wants to be said” EspacioBeny Gallery 2021 – “The truth of the lies” Espacio Beny Gallery 2022 –

Last group shows: “Miscellanea” – “Polarities. The game of the opposites” – “Open view” – “Two years loving art. Christmas Group Show” : EspacioBeny Gallery 2022


Self taught, I started practicing a matteric approach to abstract paints with special attention to the own process of creativity in itself, simply allowing it to occur as a mix of rational/emotional and conscious/unconscious impulses that usually enrich the canvas with a lot of emotions and personal truth. Lately I am investigating art expressions with different media, technics and approaches to painting.