< Jorunn Westad


I am an architect, and have worked as such for many years, mainly running my own firm with employees. My main works as an architect is the culture church at Geilo, Norway, but also several official buildings, dwellings and cottages. My education included artwork, and I have sketched and painted a lot. Around 2000 I started painting more regularly, and as the years went by with many big, energy consuming projects I longed for expressing myself with form and art without intervention from costumers, authorities and constructors. I love expressing myself this way.

Exploring the unknown. Searching for hidden dimensions. Evoke memories I know the blank canvas is hiding something. In the process impressions from inner and outer life are appearing and manifest themselves on the canvas. Perhaps they disappear as the work is driving me on towards a goal I do not yet know about- and then something is happening, and the work shows itself in all its meaning.