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Vienna based artist Jonathan Berkh has actively worked as a contemporary artist in the fine and applied artist since 2000. His work derives from his background as a dancer and contemporary jazz choreographer where his ideas and pieces were focused on the differences of perspectives of each “participant” – choreographer, dancer, audience – and how the choreography and surrounding external and internal structures – urban, artistic and mental – create a different experience for everyone depending on the point of view in this flowing, constantly moving and interchanging complex system of bodies, spaces, structures, mind and soul.
The physical movement of body in dance is a very important part that Jonathan kept from this time and that he fully incorporates in his work as an artist.


His works have been displayed at Glow Eindhoven (2009), The Belvedere, Vienna (2004) and at Capital Bank Wien (2015). His career was interrupted between 2009 and 2015 due to family matters that requested his undivided attention, but he never stopped evolving creatively. Projects for 2021: Venice International Artfair | Barcelona Contemporary | Monaco Art Fair | MONAT Gallery, Madrid | Solo Show at The Gallery Steiner, Vienna | 2022: Milano | New York | Athens | Rome | Madrid | Barcelona | Turi | Berlin.


My art reflects my habit of analysing structures – intellectual structures, architectural structure, natural, structures, external structures, internal structures, rules, thought patterns, ideas etc. – I take them apart, brake them down into little bits and pieces. The smaller the pieces get, the more abstract these structures and their interchanging systems get and then I am able to rearrange, redefine and move those little bits and pieces freely and use the structures to my liking, to put everything into new perspectives. “First I fully accept the structures, then after analysing and rearranging them, only then I can move freely”