< Jon Petro


I am a Contemporary artist with an academic traditional leaning. Autodidact for the most part, I have studied at some places that are important to the art world; schools, academics, artist, critics. Most of time I paint, but sometimes I write as well. Always in pursuit of the most honest and pure art I can paint or see.

I wish that I could define my infatuation with paint or making paintings specify, but I totally understand what it means to be infatuated with an idea. Either way it makes me look and see things differently than most people, so I run at an atypical pace. People have passed through my life but the one constant thing has been my painting.


<p>Education</p> <p>Hunter College, MFA, New York, NY, Attended 2013-14</p> <p>Clark University, BA, Worcester, Mass., 2011</p> <p>Fine Arts Work Center, Summer 2001, Summer 2002, Provincetown, Mass.</p> <p>Worcester Museum of Art, Studio Program, Worcester, Mass., 1984</p> <p>Residencies</p> <p>2008 School of Visual Arts, New York, N.Y.</p> <p>2006 Cooper Union School of Art, New York, N.Y.</p> <p>2005 Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, Mass.</p> <p>Selected Exhibitions (*solo)</p> <p>2017 Becoming a Dad: Jon Petro, New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks!’s Heritage Gallery</p> <p>2010 Abstract New England – Six Perspectives, University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor, Maine</p> <p>2008 A Survey in Process; JON PETRO 2004-2008*, Gail Cahalan Gallery, Providence, R.I.</p> <p>Scratching the Surface, Hanover Center for the Performing Arts, Worcester, Mass.</p> <p>9th Biennial New England/New Talent, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, Mass.</p>


Painting is the most immediate way I can express my intuitive sense of creativity. When painting I rarely start with a fixed idea. It’s more on par with the act of meditation. It could be something I see, or sometimes it’s what I’ve read that changes me as a painter. My work rests solidly on the 6 formal elements of Abstract Art – Line, Texture, Shape, Form, Color, Value and Tone.