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Joel Douek is an award-winning artist and sculptor originally from London and currently based in Los Angeles. Joel works principally with raw metals and woods, using a variety of oxidation techniques to harness striking natural colors and textures. He explores themes of change and impermanence, often contrasted against the enduring permanence of gold in the form of gold leaf. Joel’s working career has been one of organic, experiential, and elemental creation throughout.


Exhibitions: April 1-May 1, 2022 “METALMORPHOSIS” Solo show, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai UAE | May 1-July 31, 2022 JENNIFER CONTINI GALLERY, Southampton, NY | May 28-June 2, 2022 LIQUID ARSENAL – M.A.D.S. Gallery – Milan, Italy & Canary Islands, Spain | July 2022 ITALIAN HOUSE, Dubai | September 1-4, 2022 FOCUS BOOM – Carousel du Louvre, Paris Int’l Contemporary Art Fair | September 9-13, 2022 SAN DIEGO ART FAIR | September 17-Oct 17, 2022 AZUR GALLERY – Brooklyn, NY USA | October 2022 FOCUS BOOM – Saatchi Gallery, London UK.

Recent Exhibits: 2022 World Art Dubai – UAE | 2022 Superfine Art Fair – San Francisco | 2022 Canvas Art Fair – ItsLiquid, Venice Italy | 2022 Superfine Art Fair, Miami | 2022 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles​ | 2021 Monaco International Art Fair | 2021 Clio Art Fair New York City | 2021 Tokyo International Art Fair | 2021 The Other Art Fair Los Angeles | 2021 The London Biennale | 2021 “The Other Art Fair” Los Angeles. June 2021 | 2021 Best in Show – “The Other Art Fair 2021” Virtual Edition | 2020 Featured artist in Saatchi “The Other Art Fair 2020” Virtual Edition | 2019 METALMORPHOSIS – Solo show – Gallery The Loft at Liz’s | 2019 Private Exhibit and sale at Lehman-Boddiker residence | 2019 Group show – TAG Gallery Los Angeles


My work explores the innate art in these expressions of natural impermanence, often contrasted with the enduring permanence of gold. I believe that art can speak to the heart and to the senses in ways beyond words, and my role is as a facilitator for that voice to be heard.