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Joanna Guzowska lives and creates in Poland.
By education an archaeologist she has also worked as stylist, an interior decorator and a producer of photo sessions in a lifestyle magazine. The opportunity to touch several professions gave Joanna a deep insight into the artistic work. Archeological studies have brought a glimpse into the depths of history. Working as a fashion stylist and photo shooting producer allowed her to understand the importance of self-awareness, perception of a human body and personality. Creating and decorating interiors has taught Joanna the importance of harmony, so important in her paintings. Not yet having known that she would like to paint, she has (perhaps subconsciously) chosen professions that allowed her to notice more, experience more and analyze more deeply the space around.
Fascinated by cities as chronicles of human history that undergo transformation through time she paints abstractions, but she is also drawing inspiration from her beloved Art Deco period. She works mainly with oil paints.
Joanna has taken part in several outdoor painting workshops in Rome, Venice, Athens and Malta, as well as in several local exhibitions. Her works are in private hands in Poland and abroad. She also sells paintings at auctions in auction houses in Poland.



I draw inspiration from travel. I love big metropolises, Art Deco buildings, futuristic skyscrapers. I store their shapes in the abyss of my memory like travel souvenirs, only to find them later, unexpectedly, on the canvas.
I am also fascinated by time and us – immersed in it.

For me, painting is a form of meditation, when all parts of me have a chance to hear each other. I immerse myself in my thoughts, feelings and desires, they create the canvas. I have an impression that it’s like writing a book: you start creating and you never know where it will lead you. When I take a brush in my hand, I start a new adventure.