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Joana Lopes was born in Madeira Island, Portugal. She’s a young artist, passionate about her work and all its journey. She started painting from an early age, always exploring different techniques and finding her way as a self-taught artist.

Her artwork is free, spontaneous, and highly intuitive, often inspired by her life experiences. Through painting, she expresses her inner consciousness centered on her heart.

“Emotions are a vital part of creativity. With painting, I let those feelings flow, and it helps me to find a balance between mind and heart. I only feel truly alive when I have the freedom to do what I love the most. I aim to keep reaching this freedom as an artist and human being.”


3 Exhibitions in 2022 held in Madeira Island.
One of them very iconic, the showcase was held on a sunset at a beach party. Second one at a Arquitetural Designer Atelier and last one at a Local Hotel.

There are artworks on exhibition at MAMMA – Modern Art Museum of Madeira and aswell at different Hotels around the Island.


Joana Lopes paintings pull out what she carries inside. She believes that emotional engagement with her artwork can help other people to accept and relate to what is going through their minds and hearts. It helps us to realize and accept that all our emotions are the real side of each one of us.

“We shouldn’t hide feelings or fear them. They live inside of us to help us grow into the best version of ourselves. We need to trust them more. If we can understand this, we understand life.”