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Jesy Acosta is a Japanese-Cuban American painter and commercial interior designer.

Born in New York and based in Winter Park, Florida, Jesy Acosta is a multi-disciplined Contemporary Artist specializing in abstract expressionist paintings, mixed media and architectural works. With a successful career as an interior designer and design experience spanning 23 years in the architecture industry, Jesy’s sophisticated, distinctive approach to art for interiors has gained her commercial appeal.


<p>Fine Art & Communication, University of South Alabama</p> <p>Design & Drafting, Southeast College of Technology</p> <p>Interior Design, Penn Foster College</p>


As an artist, I gather my inspiration from nature, travel, poetry, and personal memories. The visual language of art is one that I approach intuitively with skillful execution enhanced by my experience in studio art. Painting is an evolutionary process that develops an Artist to discover how well they can interpret their thoughts into visual art, and communicate emotion through their work. My artistry is meant to evoke positive feelings and affirmation through energetic brushstrokes, layered colors and contrasting elements.