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Jeronimo Eichler (1986, Rio de Janeiro) is visual artist and researcher. His art incorporates elements such as painting, writing, collage and drawing. The motto that guides his process across different languages is the search for expressiveness and the desire to build new symbols from it.

Multidisciplinary and versatile, Jeronimo’s primary study topics are painting and digital painting. The goal of approaching such distinct medias is the intention to blur the boundaries between them as well as question the use of those techniques.

The artist’s most recent works have a strong connection to the desire of expression. This can be seen in the dripping motions in works like “Kiss” or “Windmill” or in the Sumi strokes of “Gleaming traces” series.



2014 Exposição Traços Celestes – Espaço Cultural Furnas – RJ

No formal education in Arts but many courses in highly valued institution in Brazil such as Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro and Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage.


For me, Art has always been a process of exploration, discovery. I believe that any object, no matter how simple it is, will always be composed of several facets that are initially hidden at first. It is the act of investigating the world, unraveling its layers. Building the image from this perspective, I try to instigate, challenge and stimulate the audience.