< Jeong-Hwan Kim


Kim Jeong-hwan was born in Seoul in 1969. Since graduating from college, I have been working continuously in Seoul. He has mainly worked in the abstract expressionist line and was influenced by oriental calligraphy. After graduating from college, he has been working on calligraphy at the same time. I have been painting, calligraphy, and calligraphy reviews. There are three books related to calligraphy. His works are housed in Asian Development Bank, Daeyu Media Group, Ajou University Dasan Hall, National Institute of Lifelong Education, Ramada Hotel Namdaemun, Sinchon Severance Hospital, Korea Securities Depository, KSD Sharing Foundation, and Chonbuk National University.


Kim Jeong-hwan was born in Seoul in 1969 and majored in painting at Hongik University’s Graduate School of Fine Arts. So far, nine Solo exhibitions have been held in Seoul, Suwon, Incheon, and Kobe(Japan). He participated in international art fairs such as the SCOPE New York International Art Fair(2015) and the SCOPE Basel International Art Fair(2014). He is currently teaching at Ajou University.


When painting, images come to me; and I treat them as a part of my poetic language. And the images I was painting felt like lives of their own. Then I came to think of the poet Pablo Neruda, descried to be “closer to blood and to ink.” In our lives, we start with things we desire, but for all sorts of reasons and turns, we end up painting a very different picture. Close up, that life might seem like a failure, derailed from the original plan. However, at some distance, we can see the whole course of life; and it is never that bad, far from being a failure. I tried to express a life through the images I painted. Lines which run on traditional paper are never neat. They rarely follow your intention; at times, they deviate from what you planned. However, at some distance, you can still see the image you tried to paint. The painting spreads to become a poem; the darkness spreads to shine the light of life.