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Jenny Oyne was born in Hamburg to a Swedish father and a German mother, moved in the 80s to Paris where she grew up and attended art school, following in the footsteps of her parents. Familial passion for art grew in Jenny manifesting itself since she was a child in her drawings and paintings, becoming her profession in 2011 when she created a brand and a line of paintings and creations dedicated to the world of children. More recently, the need arises in Jenny to release the most secret and instinctive part of her through her canvases and an unexpected passion for abstract painting explodes. Abstractism in the most classic sense, allows her to move away from reality to give space, meet, touch and share her emotions.

Painting is a way to express my vision of the world, its beauties and the way it moves. What touch and inspires me, but also what mankind can leave as an imprint, the consequences of his actions, whether positive or negative. Then, a conceptual work does not satisfy me if not in the right balance with his esthetic research. Rather, very often my pictorial experience follows a reverse path. First focused on the choice of colors of backgrounds, contrasts, infinite possible shades, letting go of the unconditional emotions given by the research for an esthetic result. The addition of simple and sharp forms and clear lines bring to an end the artwork with the aim of orienting the observer, his interpretation and defining a common content. Although, very often, are these very distinctive elements able to further encourage the creativity of the observer.