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Using acrylic and gouache paints, in tandem with charcoal, colored and watercolor pencils, and markers and mixed medias; Jennifer Gilligan creates images capturing the world around her on watercolor paper and canvas. Jennifer is new to art and uses it to explore everyday objects and tough subjects that she encounters in her day-to-day life as a business owner working in the IT Industry in Dallas. She is still exploring techniques and subject matter and she enjoys the challenges they provide


Self Taught Artist. New to art as of January 2020. Participated in the Urban Artists Market in Dallas, TX June 12 -13, 2021


I enjoy the challenge of capturing the tension in art. Whether it is the push/pull with highlights and shadows or the capturing of emotion – I find excitement in presenting them in art form. Recent to the art world as of 2020, I am looking forward to further exploring the world through art.