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My name is Jeannine, I am 30 years old and a Maltese national.

By profession I am a midwife and a lactation consultant working in Malta’s local hospital. I have pursued my studies in family therapy and psychotherapy, and at the moment I am finishing a Master’s degree in public health.

Ever since I was a young child I was always fascinated by colours. I always saw the way of the world through colours. When I was young I studied art and interior design. However it has only been until recent that I fell in love with abstract art and its means of channelling my inner thoughts and energy.

During the lockdown, ways of expressing myself became very limited, and thus I had to find new ways of doing this. This is where I began to experiment with acrylics and different mediums.

From then on I became a self-taught artist, working with different mediums to deliver bespoke artworks. This was the beginning of an exciting journey!

Since then I have worked with different local restaurants, revamping their interiors with my artwork. Moreover I have had one of my paintings published in one of Malta’s national books featuring a collection of local art and poetry.

I am still an upcoming artist. Yet I believe that, in this short period of working as an artist, I have accomplished quite a lot with my work. My dream is to share my artwork with the world.