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In March, 2004, I felt compelled to transition from the business world into the art world, and “on a whim” decided that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was a conscious intent to create something tangible, real, and formidable that became stronger and stronger, and as the months of that year passed, it had become quite clear to me that something was trying to form. As an “Urban Shaman,” I have learned to take my mind out of the equation when I paint, and as our ‘Multiversal Expressionism’ evolved over the past decade, I have evolved right along with it.


John Richard, Inc.
2009 thru present NFT Fine Art
Paris, France
June, 2022 thru present

Collective Art Gallery
Laguna Beach, CA
March thru May, 2021

Galeria Azur
Madrid, Spain
March thru September, 2021
New York, NY
October, 2020 thru present

Hilliard Gallery
Kansas City, MO
April 5 thru
May 29, 2019


The brilliant scientist and inventor of wireless electrical current, Nicola Tesla, said that everything in the universe is divided into frequency and vibration. After painting full time since 2004, the work now seems to emanate an other-worldly energy, frequency, and vibration that somehow initiates a metamorphic affect on the viewer, resulting in an evolutionary impulse so vitally needed for the transformation and healing of humanity.


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