After an intensive artistic phase at the finish of the scholldays jan aine finally studied Architecture at the university of art in order to renounce this profession with the graduation.Since 2000 he worked shortly as media designer and led afterwards an inhouse design team as Art/Creative Director. 2008 he continued to work in his Kreuzberg studio in a complete analog way again.


2022 _ Discovery Art Fair in Cologne
2020-NOW _ Gallery representation by eine art galerie in Aschaffenburg
2018-2020 _ Solo exhibitions at Art Gallery Bunter Hund Berlin
2017 _ Art fairs such as Berliner Liste, art3f + more
2017 _ Solo exhibition at Art Gallery Bunter Hund Berlin
2016 _ Art projects and open studio shows
2014 _ Exhibition premiere at Erratum Gallery
2008-2014 _ jan aine art studio, beginning of studio work
– – – – –
2017-NOW _ UX Design Lead for digital products
2000-2016 _ Creative Director at an international IT Company
– – – – –
1998 _ Diploma Degree in Architecture at UdK Berlin
1991-1998 _ Studies at the University of Arts Berlin, Faculty Design, Programm Architecture, Institute of Metropolis, Architecture and Design
– – – – –
90‘s _ studied
80‘s _ grown
70‘s _ born
in _ Berlin


In my abstract relief painting I found a way to follow my intuition, which goes off immediately by entering my studio. Driven by the urgency of my inner visions, I express my constant curiosity. I seek an ongoing discussion between my works and their viewer. Within this complex debate, my work acts as a mirror of my surroundings.