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Fine artist Jamy Kahn began her art career at the height of the Neo-expressionist movement and debuted in Paris, France in 1986 at the Galerie Beau Lézard. Within that year, Jamy was chosen for a solo exhibit alongside Lily Tomlin during her one-woman play, “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” at the James Doolittle Theatre in Los Angeles.

Jamy also joined forces with the highly respected Stella Polaris Gallery in Los Angeles. Within this esteemed stable of artists, Kahn was chosen to show her work alongside Andy Warhol’s original works, by gallery curator and owner, Peter Nelson.

Throughout her life’s path, Jamy has been profoundly influenced by her studies in architecture, and psychology and is a very active and a deeply passionate artist. A graduate of UCLA in Environmental / Architectural Design, Jamy’s diverse background influences her compelling and complex work.


1982 University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate of Architectural Design Program

Selected Exhibitions
2023 January 12TH – 18TH 2023 De – CRYPTIC ART SHOW
2022 November 28th – December 4th
2022 May 23rd – June 5th The Other Art Fair Global Virtual Edition Fair
2022 February 10th – 13th Intersect Palm Springs Art Show 2022
2022 January 19th – 23rd LA ART SHOW
2020 March 6th 11th Annual ‘Abstracts’ Art Exhibition Special Recognition NOAH’S WAY OUT
2020 February 13th, 2020 CityScapes Art Exhibition 2020 – Painting & Other Media Special Recognition Malitte
2019 October 19th Art For Animals Fundraiser, Burbank, CA
2015 Art Goes Electronic (AGE) Sunset Blvd Digital Billboard Los Angeles, CA
2014 Palm Springs International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2014 Southern California/Baja Norte Regional Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2014 Jamy Kahn Solo Exhibit, JNA Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2013 Seattle Affordable Art Fair, Seattle, WA
2013 Anti-Defamation League 2013 Auction, Los Angeles, CA
2013 San Diego Museum of Arts, Contemporary Expressionism –
The Creative Spirit Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2013 Alexandria Museum of Art’s 26th Annual September Competition Exhibition, Alexandria, LA
2012 New York Art Fair, New York, NY
2012 Steinbeck Museum, Salinas, CA
2012 Greenwich Art Fair, Greenwich, CT
2012 Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara, CA
2012 Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Dreams on Canvas/Los Angeles, CA
2009 Dreams on Canvas/Los Angeles, CA
2009 Amit Apel Architecture and Design/Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
1988 Hearts, ISD, Curated by Art Source LA, Los Angeles, CA
1988 Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA
1987 Pacific Oaks Art Match, Pasadena, CA
1987 Art Source LA’s Summer Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA
1987 LA Artists: Contemporary Painting and Sculpture, Jewish Federation Council of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
1987 Stella Polaris Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
1986 Solo Show, Stella Polaris Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
1986 Solo Show, James A. Doolittle Theatre, Hollywood, CA
1986 Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA
1986 Galerie Beau Lezard, Paris, FR

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I am fascinated by the capacity of paint to configure into shapes which replicate organic, microscopic, molecular formations. Everything we see is made of tiny atoms or particles, which combine with other particles to become a “something.” Thoughts have energetic components. I am particularly involved with the idea of how a thought forms, by joining with another thought and then another, becoming a “thought process.” I use abstraction to symbolize thought. Thoughts lead to actions, actions become habits, and habits become customs. If you could change one thought within a sequence – interrupt a thought pattern – you could perhaps then shift the resulting behavior pattern, allowing more of an action of CHOICE to result, vs. an habitual expression of the same behavior.

I paint bigger canvas surfaces and then extract sections of painted areas which to me represent a particular emotion, thought, or aspect of a mind set. Sometimes, I will construct a “thought pattern” or story piece from parts or sections of different bigger surfaces. These help me to communicate the essence of the moment I am trying to capture. It is as in life – if you add or subtract a particular person from the “picture,” the entire mix of people or flow of a situation will be different. I feel that thoughts matter, which means that our actions count. We too, are each a small part of a bigger picture.

– Jamy Kahn