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Jaime Monge is a Madrid-born artist with an architect’s soul. He focuses his designs on the relationship between the individual and space, creating landscapes through human figures that, far from being mere artistic elements, give meaning and a story to the blank canvas. His ideas encompass improbable and impossible landscapes, reminiscent of an Escher artwork, and the human figures humanize the spaces, providing them with purpose and scale.


Jaime Monge was born in Madrid, Spain in 1990. Professionally an artist, he studied architecture and worked for several years between London and Madrid. Always deeply connected to design and creativity, he decided to take the leap into the world of art to unleash his entire imaginary.

Estampa Feria de Arte Contemporáneo (IFEMA, Madrid, España 2022)
SAM Salón de Arte Moderno (Fundación Carlos de Amberes, Madrid, España 2023)
Tokyo International Art Fair Award, 2023 Tokyo, Japan.
FIA BCN (Barcelona International Air Fair , 2023) Barcelona, Spain.
RED DOT Miami , 2023


Jaime Monge’s work is characterized by its precise technique and ability to create evocative landscapes. His paintings combine realism and abstraction, with the individual as the main agent and thread connecting different series. Each artwork varies, incorporating colors, materials, and volumes that ad layers of information to the unfolding story. Through his work, Monge invites the viewer to reflect on their own connection with the world around us.