< Jacqueline Schubert


She studied, worked and lived abroad for a long time before she started painting in 2015. Now she lives in Germany as a freelance artist. Style and Technique developed decisively through attending the master class for painting. But most of her work is experimental, permanently incorporating new media and materials in the creative process.

The work revolves around things in space, unusual perspectives and motif fragments. The style of painting is modern, expressionistic and colorful. She takes her inspiration from nature, from personal experiences or from current events.


Birth 1967, married, studies and work in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and USA, today living and working in Germany as freelance artist Painting since 2015.

2016 – 2019 studies in the „Free Masterclass of Painting and Drawing“


  • 11/2022 Collective exhibition at Galeria Azur Berlin
  • 08/2022 Collective exhibition 4ArtLadies at Villa Greiffenhorst, Krefeld
  • 10/2021 Collective exhibition 4ArtLadies at Villa Greiffenhorst, Krefeld
  • 11/2019 Final exhibition of the Masterclass, Düsseldorf
  • 03/2019 Collective exhibition at Villa Greiffenhorst, Krefeld
  • 11/2017 Exhibition of the Masterclass at the end of the first 2 years, Düsseldorf
  • 03-04/2017 Collective exhibition in the Citycenter of Krefeld
  • 09-11/2016 Collective exhibition at St.Mauritius Klinik, Meerbusch


The possibility of abstraction is the greatest liberation in painting for me and present time allows us painters to go new, untried ways. So you have millions of ways to work.