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Jacqueline Perez Saleh is a French-Spanish painter born in 1960. Living in France in a small countryside in Languedoc, her adopted region, she moved to Senegal and shared her life between Africa and Europe.


She exhibits regularly in Dakar in private premises, at the IFAN museum, in Madrid, Berlin, and Miami in GALERIAAZUR. She is also an artist and member of the association Chemins d’art in le Gard, France, which promotes artists and crafts. Exhibition in Dakar May 2023 Museum IFAN. Carrousel Louvre Paris October2023. Exhibition 2023 in Miami, RED DOT artfair.
Also in 2024 the Salon Des Artistes Français (Grand palais éphémère).


An artist of gesture, she quickly frees herself from the figurative constraint of the markers and sentinels of the Rule and paints in complete freedom. Artist of the felt, she explores in herself and around her, carries a contemplative look on the world. First gesture on his canvas, first color, then another gesture, and another… And slowly the forms are revealed, the colors are embraced, the gesture is more reflected, the creative process more intense as the work is revealed and offered to the experimentation work of the artist. Through its colorful palettes, textures and gradients, Jacquel combines materials and techniques to give strength and life to colors and shapes, to attenuate them; she digs, blends, veil here, unveil there and propose a painting of the felt that addresses to the senses and the imagination.