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My name is Ivana Svjetličić. I was born on March 27, 1995 in Croatia where I still live. My passion and love for painting replaced my profession, which is the profession of a nurse. I have always felt that my path and purpose in this life is to express myself through images. I started like that after my father passed away. It’s the biggest loss I’ve experienced in my life. I felt I could compensate for the pain I felt at that moment by connecting with him through art. He was an artist. I bought a canvas and started painting. At the very beginning and after only the third painting in my life, I received many compliments and requests from people to buy my art. My first customers were a married couple from Munich. After that, I expanded to the European market and held my first exhibitions in Europe. A year ago I started the path to the American market, and behind me are 2 exhibitions and one coming this year in New York City.
My style of expression is pop art and modern art.


In March 2022, Ivana Svjetličić’s artworks participated in the “Key of Dreams” exhibition at the “Van Der Plas” gallery in Manhattan, New York.
Ivana Svjetličić’s artwork “Kolorita” was part of the annual exhibition “Wide Open 12” at the “Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition Gallery” in New York in July 2022.
In September 2022, her artworks participated in the “Digital Out of Home Advertising Campaign” “Plogix Gallery” with a global publisher along with several Plogix artists in 5 world capitals – New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, London and Paris.
Exhibitions await Ivan Svjetličić this year. In “Galeria Azur” in February and a solo exhibition that will be held in New York at “Little Fried Gallery” in September 2023.


My style of expression is pop art and modern art. There are also components of expressionism. I create works of art with primary and secondary complementary colors in the oil-on-canvas technique. I try to paint in moments of the greatest happiness, positive energy, vibrations, and inspiration. I want the viewer to feel this very energy while looking at my artwork. The purpose of my creativity is to spread positive energy around the world. Human faces with clear lines and a penetrating gaze, and bodies with sensually rounded lines in extremely vivid and pure colors are the main motifs of my works. I try to highlight individual parts of the artwork with relief strokes.