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Italo Tartaglione is an Italian artist who was born in Caserta in 1992. He is based in Southern Italy and he is specialised in oil painting.

His approach to art came about in a completely natural way and while he was studying law in Bologna he explored the study of the line completely self-taught. His artistic path led him to believe that the line is the most direct and immediate tool that people have to express themselves.

After experimenting with different techniques of creation, currently, oil painting allows him to satisfy the need to bring to life the lines and detect their true meaning.


Italo Tartaglione graduated in law at the University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum, Italy.


The drawing repeated in an instinctive way, detached from the canons of beauty present in society and the refusal to copy reality, allow the line to become the bridge between the inner dimension of the human being and the outer world.