< Irina I. Agoulnik


Irina is a versatile professional who loves art. Recently retired, she is actively involved with SCORE (SC) and Center for Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University (MA). Watercolors and acrylics take her to another world of creativity: ART. Currently, Irina is exploring liquid acrylics because this approach has a potential to incorporate her background in science, technology, and art into one fluent image. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, she lives in USA for almost 30 years, travels the world (15+ countries) and captures the beauty around her with photography.


<p>September 2020 – Started liquid acrylic exploration after early retirement and family relocation from Massachusetts to South Carolina.</p> <p>March 2021 – Joined the Seacoast Artists Guild & Gallery (SAGG), Myrtle Beach, SC.</p> <p>List of past exhibitions</p> <p>Irina’s work was presented at the Art Shows organized by the SAGG:</p> <p>SPRING SHOW: April 01-16, 2021</p> <p>FALL SHOW: October 01-16, 2021</p> <p>Her work was also presented at the virtual exhibits organized by M.A.D.S. Milano, Italy</p> <p>ROMANTICA: Shape of My Art – April 23-May 2, 2021</p> <p>PARAISO: July 23- August 3, 2021</p> <p>No formal education in Art</p> <p>Fluid Art: YouTube sessions by Olga Soby (Canada) and Rinske Douna (Netherlands) – ongoing</p> <p>Watercolors: 2014-2015 classes at Colleen Sgroi School of Art, MA, USA</p> <p>No awards yet, as art was my hobby, and I was not pursuing it professionally.</p>


Art is a frontrunner of innovation. It captures an idea that is not yet shaped by descriptions and definitions. The portrayed idea provokes emotions and thoughts. The energy and excitement expressed with visual art is meant to be contagious and irresistibly compelling. Irina is trying to use that power of fluid art to make people happier if not enchanted.