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Intiñan Americo Ontiveros Rivera better known as Intiñan Ayacucho in homage to the land of the ancestors of his Andean mother.
He was born in Lima on October 11, 1988.
The year of the Dragon.
He had a “Chalaca” childhood. Privileged in one of the most picturesque places in Latin America.
The historic constitutional province of Callao.
He studied his primary and secondary school at the San Felipe private school.
In the year 2000 he moved to Jesus Maria.
In 2007 he began his painting studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru until 2015.
He currently lives in his studio in the San Miguel district.


Painter career in Pontificial Catholic University of Peru.


My painting is an introduction and a representation of my Andean world of view. I paint a world full of fantasies, mythology and idyllic sceneries. I seek to constantly perfect, research, grow and nourish my art to honor my gods, ancestors and descendants. I use color to convey ancestral energy. One of the pillars of my art production is the representation of my gods. Techniques work in favor of the representation’s goal. My art showcases the intensity of my life in a cheerful, heavenly hell that is full of love and where energy exists.