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Ingrid Janowsky was born 1956 in a little town in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany as a farmers first daughter. She grew up in a sheltered village with cows and many other different animals, having pleasant work on the fields. She left her familiar surroundings in order to lead an independent life for the future. Step by step she expands her interest in natural sciences. She studied chemistry and pharmacy. Today she lives near Heidelberg, Germany.

In 2005 she started painting on individually made poplar plywood surfaces, using acrylic paint and pastels. 2012 her everyday life changed by reducing her job as a pharmacist to get deeper into art, so to say: “The Metamorphosis of the Pharmacist”.

In the summers from 2015 to 2018 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolbermoor near Munich had an important influence on her. She was a student of the Zhou Brothers from Chicago on the topic “Feeling is Liberty”. Since 2019 she is inscribed as student for drawing and painting at the European Academy of Fine Art in Trier. She likes to experiment with different techniques to expand her possibilities.



In her early works, Ingrid Janowsky is trying out the representational and figurative potential of visual impressions. Following this intensive study of the outer reality, abstract compositions predominate in her later work. The reason for this development was the artist’s intention to go beyond the limitations of naturalistic painting. The return to figurative subjects was sparked by the artist’s enduring fascination of the human being in diverse aspects of life. The desire to make  the character, the inner essence of a person visible in a painting characterizes Ingrid Janowsky’s work from the start. With humor and curiosity, the artist deals with the little sensations in everyday life. For the studied pharmacist dealing with people is an important part of her professional activity. The artist’s work is using and creatively adapting these diverse encounters.The starting point of the painting process is always an amorphous color application. Then Ingrid Janowsky elaborates structures, in which she sees compositional potential. These structures are differentiated in the process; figures and faces emerge. The artist’s choice of colors is based on feeling. Emotional states thus find their way into the works, but they also show in the subjects of different series.The search for always new techniques is constantly present and has motivated the artist in her work from the beginning. For instance, she works on paintings with a doctor blade, the workshop’s floor staying visible as a graphic mark, color is being poured.Bringing joy is one of the essential motivations behind creative activity. To comprehend the human being in all diverse aspects of existence thereby always plays a central role in Ingrid Janowsky’s work.